Artist Statement

Change and transformation have been at the heart of my creative work. Questions are inherent in change and it is important to encourage inquiry about our role in the world. My projects have addressed environmental concerns, climate change, multicultural issues, and community despair. My most recent project was with and young people who will be involved in the issues of massive migration in their peak working years in the 2040’s. Some of these projects were commissioned. Some of them evolved through connection to a community and would fall into the realm of volunteer work. When something meaningful is in distress, I need to engage. I cannot see despair and ignore it. There is gratification in directing my creativity towards experiences that move an issue forward.

In 2018, I was invited into a pilot project created by Calgary Arts Development and Mount Royal University (MRU). As part of this pilot project, I completed a Social Innovation Certificate through MRU and was invited to be a member of the Trico Changemakers Studio, in the Bissett School of Business at MRU. This experience has helped me see my work as a series of experiences that connect through the lens of social innovation. Art and creativity can be transformational experiences.

It is with pleasure that I realize that I can create experiences that engage people in meaningful thought about the times we inhabit. We are living through great change. We need to embrace everyone and move people into thinking about the choices they make and the future that comes from those choices.

I paint and draw and photograph in between the larger projects and community engagement.

My most recent work has been about twilight. It is the transitional hour, the place between light and dark, hope and fear, a reference to our times and the change in our world.

I try to be outside at this hour, or pause by a window to observe it. It is so beautiful. Beauty restores the soul. It gives us hope. It is hopes that moves us forward.

I maintain a drawing and painting studio as a place of balance, sanctuary and meditation. I engage with communities because it is relationships that make our lives meaningful.

I welcome your interest on social media @bamosart.

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