Barbara Amos is a multi-disciplinary artist whose are based collaboration and an exchange of ideas. She has created artworks on multicultural issues and environmental concerns using a variety of materials including steel, video, photography and paint. Her finished works encourage inquiry about our role in the world and the changes that will make it a better place.

Most recently, she completed a certificate on Social Innovation and was invited to participate in a pilot project at Trico Changemakers Studio at Mount Royal University in collaboration with Calgary Arts Development. The pilot project was presented at the Ashoka U Conference in San Diego 2019.

She has completed 5 public art commissions. In the winter 2018/2019, she collaborated with a collective that combined animators, app techs and painters in an Augmented Reality/ Window Painting project on the streets of Calgary. Before that, she was an artist in residence for the Calgary Board of Education where she created a project about migration in an ESL Junior High school (2017). She was one of nine artists invited to create a work for The International Sculpture Garden in Hamilton ON (2014). The previous project was steel scope of an urban river promenade. It offers an ironic twist on the old tourist viewfinder. The view through the scope is fragmented like a kaleidoscope and speaks to environmental stress. The scope was installed on a river promenade in Calgary (2010). Her first photographic work (4x46ft) was a commission to address language barriers in a hospital in Edmonton (2010). Her first public art work was a 90 foot sectional painting in a recreation centre in north Calgary (2004) that addressed community engagement in a new suburb. The community was present in a variety of ways, engaging teens to elders in its production. In the past, she has been shortlisted for the Toronto Pearson Airport International Airport, the Calgary International Airport and the NFL Conference Centre in Baltimore.

Her drawing and painting skills have culminated in a 25 year exhibition record across North America. New skills have been developed through scholarships and residencies, in science centers as well as art galleries. She has been working with a handmade camera lens which became a residency with the Telus Science Centre. In 2012, she was invited to a residency in Germany to research architectural art glass.

Her first temporal art project temporal project began in southern Alberta. The impetus was civic despair and a SLAPP suit, which was eventually dismissed but caused anxiety in the community. Resource extraction in fragile areas of the headwaters created the imperative. In situ artworks and on site collaborations were moved through social media, print and online press to bring attention to water degradation and environmental issues in southern Alberta.

In 2014 she was awarded an Art Advocacy Award through CARFAC. She has over 25 years volunteer experience on boards and executives of non profits in southern Alberta, the most recent as a Board Director at the Leighton Art Centre, 2013-2018. She has been asked to give professional development talks for CARFAC. This has extended to become a speakers series that demonstrates how art can be an experience that changes the way that people think.

Her paintings have been in the Toronto International Art Fair through Marcia Rafelman Fine Art in Toronto, ON (2007-2013). She is represented by Abbozzo Gallery Toronto and Gibson Fine Art, Calgary. Herpaintings are many collections including Capital One Bank, Toronto; Cenovus, Calgary; CIBC, Deloitte, the Calgary Civic Collection and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts collection. A photo based work is in the US Library of Congress. It was part of the exhibit Reactions, in a New York artist run centre, Exit Art Gallery and at the Williamson Gallery, Art Centre College of Design, Pasadena, CA.

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